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4 sites to learn Python for free

Python is one of the most powerful, and a great language to start learning to program now, If you’re planning to learn python for the first time you’ll definitely love it because it’s very simple and the syntax is almost minimal for basics. However, these are the features that make it suitable to use python for advanced use cases like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and if you’re interested in them, then you can learn python first.

Powerful features of Python

  • Modern uses in machine learning and AI
  • Object-oriented makes it reusable and secure
  • Free, Open Source and portable, works on all platforms
  • Extensive Libraries support, used for web, database anything
  • The simple and expressive syntax makes it easily understandable

Can Python do this ?

You’ll really be amazed by what and where python is used, it is used in web development, app development, data analysis, data extraction, processing, and more. Now, don’t become too excited as everything takes a lot of time and practice to learn and master them. For beginners here are a few sites to learn the basic concepts for free and the best part is you’ll also practice and test what you’ve learned.

Where to learn Python?

1. Python Official documentation

Yes, it’s not a surprise that a language so simple can be learned from its official documentation. If you’re already familiar with coding and know how to learn the syntax from the documentation this will do well however if you’re used to tutorials and video explanation you might find it difficult to follow. Here’s the link

Python 3 Official documentation and tutorials

2. Learn Python.org

I really like this site as you can practice what you learn at the same time right in your browser, though the content is limited to only basics, this will be very helpful for beginners to start learning python in an interactive way.

Learn Python.org

3.Advanced Python at FreeCodeCamp,

In latest curriculum, FreeCodeCamp added several new courses

  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Scientific computing with Python

Once you’re done with the basics you really want to learn some cutting edge technologies with python and I’m really happy FreeCodeCamp made this available. Lessons are interactive i.e learn and practice in the browser itself and the best part is you’ll also building some projects along which add value to your learning and portfolio.


Note: FreeCodeCamp is a Non-Profit and Donor supported organization and it’s free forever.

4. Learning Python from W3 Schools

W3 schools offers many language tutorials and it is also beginner-friendly to start with. Interactive lessons make it easier to practice often many developers use this to refresh their knowledge in a short span of time. Completely free, you can give it try or to test and practice what you’ve learned.

Learn Python at W3 Schools


If you’re looking to learn for more advanced concepts I would suggest you try Datacamp they some free courses the best part is you can learn and practice it live at the same time


Other Free learning resources

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