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Why every Business must have a Blog – Billion Dollar idea

You might wonder how a blog can save the company a Billion dollars? we’ll most of them have realized this a bit too late but they’re catching up. Just follow this article and you’ll be convinced why a Business Blog matters so much and can save you a Billion Dollars plus a lot of valuable time and resources.

What is a Blog ? and its purpose ?

A blog is like a collection of information just like a book but online in the form of a website on the internet. Blogs can be about anything like

  • News and updates
  • Thoughts and opinions
  • Tutorials, DIY, and How to?
  • ideas [like how I’m sharing this :-)]
  • Products, fashion, science, and technology

and many more, even you can start one and write about anything you like or want to share. Blogs are like the backbone and archive of the internet. Though the content is available in different forms like audio and video most users prefer articles and blogs to stay informed and learn new things.

A Business blog

A business blog is owned and run by any company or a business for various purposes like,

  • Regarding products and queries
  • Brand promotion and announcements
  • Information and updates for users/customer

Most of us tend to read blogs or want to obtain information about a product or service before using it and the reviews in these blogs do have a lot of impact on the decisions we make in the future. But we have barely scratched the surface of how a business can benefit from having a blog there are several advantages which now are essential and important for a business to survive in this era of the internet.

Blogs drive organic traffic

No matter how much you spend in the making of a website and it’s promotion, unless and until it shows up in the top search results there’s no use and trust me blogs are beasts in ranking up your SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and drive up to 10X more traffic, provided that you have the best content in your niche. Users tend to ignore ads and prefer natural search results. Have a look at any of the fortune 500 company’s website and you will find an awesome blog. So think again before you spend on ads or promotion and invest in a blog that drives traffic [visitors] automatically.

Knowledge Base vs Customer Support

Users have a lot of queries and doubts, rather than spending time and money on customer support and answering the same questions again it’s a wise decision to document all frequently asked questions and fabricate them into a wonderful blog which people understand much better. Tutorials on how to use a product or a service might also attract new users as they might feel confident and trust to use your product after reading the blog.

Build brand, audience and Lead Generation

When users love your product and people who are really interested in your company will be waiting for updates, news like a product launch, insights, teasers, and the wonderful things you’re planning in the future creates a lot of excitement among users. Announcements and updates can easily be conveyed through a blog. This saves you a tonne on advertising costs as your product has already reached half of the interested people.

Lead generation is a separate topic and this one property might just save your budget on many aspects like marketing, feedback, etc. Have a business blog can attract users and generating leads via the mailing list or a newsletter, through which you mail news regarding products, customer feedback surveys [completely natural] without spending a penny this is really a blessing in disguise as lead generation usually takes a lot of time and resources than annoying ads and promotions.

Don’t just blog about yourself/business

Now I have seen this approach in many blogs and I actually found them really useful. This means you don’t just blog about your product instead you write about related products in your domain or field like if you’re a car company you might write about information and tips regarding car cleaners, tires, and other accessories and recommendations which other drivers and your customers might find it useful.


Many business blogs write articles on how to run a business, life tips, etc. This easily adds more following and value to your blog as it’s completely natural and not just another promotion or propaganda.

If you’re new to Blogging and don’t know how WordPress will be the best choice and anyone can do this without previous programming knowledge

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