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🎯 [20000+] hits a year
🌻 Unique, Custom coded them
🎯 Capable of handling [10,000] Users/Min
✅ Super Optimized WordPress powered Blog
💯 GTMerix Pagespeed [99/100], Lighthouse Audit [95-100]

Technical🤖 Changelog📑

I started a project called 🌏Worlds 🚀Fastest 📰Blog, where I’ll share all the details of how I’m optimizing matrixread to deliver Secure, Fast, Optimized, and Accessible content.

Design Version🎨


[Jan 2021 – present]

Another minimalist design with some dark background and a bit of material touch to it. Read more about v3 changes in this special post.

matrixread v3


[Oct 2020 – Dec 2020]

I always wanted this super clean design, easy to read without any distractions.

A Custom Theme with a minimal & clean UI that I coded all by myself [it was tiring, especially the minute details].

Thanks to the Internet, YouTube, Codepen, and StackOverflow.



[Jun 2020 – Sep 2020]

Initial Mockups – These are the first designs of matrixread, the first version was simple with a red-white-grey theme. I don’t have screenshots of the desktop version but it was a bit minimalistic.

Code & Maintainance: It’s meeeeee 👨‍🚀
Design & Logo: My friend Ashwin ⚡