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Google Flutter Challenge

I made a 5KB Flutter App

Can you believe that a flutter app can be made under 5 Kilobytes?. Me neither, but this was a challenge set by Google in 2019

Flutter is Fun

I know a bit of Java and Kotlin and I have made some simple apps and Flutter was new to me, but the challenge that we need to make a 5KB app for a successful submission made me curious and I definitely wanted to give it a try.

Flutter Create Challenge – 2019

The challenge stated that participants have to make a Flutter app with 5KB of Dart code and the judging criteria are as follows

  1. Visual beauty
  2. Novelty of idea
  3. Code quality
  4. Overall execution

There were winners in all categories winning some cool prizes like a Fully-loaded Apple iMac Pro here’s the link to the official page and winner apps.

I tried to make a Gmail UI clone

I was not familiar with Flutter however with the help of some codelabs and tutorials I understood a little bit how the Dart Language and Flutter works, I don’t think my app is of any good use but it was under 5KB and I’m glad that I made a successful submission. Below are the screenshots of the app I made and the certificate I received for successful submission is shown in the beginning.

gmail clone flutter

There was no such thing as back-end and all I just tried to make it look like the GMail Android App back then that’s it.


Source code for the app I made and other Android Apps – GitHub