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Beginner Android App Projects

5 Android App Projects for Beginners

These are the Android App Projects that I made when I was learning Android App Development and Kotlin, Summarizing everything I will suggest only the best and useful app ideas here and explain why you should try them.

Basics Android App Concepts

As a beginner, it will be really useful to you if you know these

  1. User Interface – You should know how to build screens, layouts for your apps
  2. User Input – How to make your apps interactive, accept different types of input
  3. MultiScreen Apps – The more screens you have, the more possibilities you discover, switching among different screens, activities, and fragments.
  4. Networking – There are a lot of APIs available all over the internet, with them you can build apps with dynamic content. You must know about HTTP requests, JSON Parsing, and threads, etc.

Beginner Android App Projects

1. Portfolio App

I first made a simple Portfolio app with just images and some text, icons, and a website. A simple one like a portfolio, you can make one for yourself or a shop, etc.

2. Score Board / Calculator App

These are very simple apps like the previous app but with some more buttons and the content in the app has to update when a button is clicked or when any other action is performed. A calculator or BMI Calculator is suitable.

Beginner Android App Projects
Portfolio, Score Board and Calculator App

3. Recycler View

Recycler View is a very important concept for an Android Developer, in simple terms recycler view is like other views but is generated or rendered dynamically as the user scrolls it’s everywhere like Instagram, etc. It’ll be a very fun project to learn and implement.

instagram clone kotlin
Instagram Clone App Android

4. Dynamic Content using APIs

Like I said there are many free APIs, where you can get some content in the form of JSON format etc. We can make good use of them and develop a variety of apps easily, I made some simple apps like a news app that fetches data from a Blog or Website.

news feed app android
News Feed App

5. CRUD Operations in Android

Use a database like MySQL or Firebase and perform CRUD operations

  • Create Data
  • Read Data
  • Update Data
  • Delete Data

A simple notes app or similar will be a good idea in this case.

Apps Demo📹

Resources and Source Code

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  • 📚 Free Learning Resources
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