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Algorithms, Data Structures, Competitive Coding, and problems from LeetCode with complete Solution Approach, Pseudocode, and Explanation.

How to Reverse a Linked List

Reverse a Linked List

Yes, we are doing it today. The all-time famous interview question, Do you know how to reverse a Linked List? Well turns out, it isn’t that difficult and it’s all about logic and pointers, okay let’s get started. Alright, I already wrote a post explaining the basic operations and structure… Read More »Reverse a Linked List

Linear Search Algorithm C++

Linear Search Algorithm

Linear Search, the most basic and easiest searching algorithm that we even use in our daily life. Yes, linear search is nothing but searching one after the other till we find what we want in a sequence one by one. Definition Linear Search is also known as Sequential Search, is… Read More »Linear Search Algorithm

Bubble Sort Algorithm C++

Bubble Sort Algorithm

Bubble sort is one of the simple sorting techniques and it is also easier to code and understand. Bubble sort follows the simple principle of comparing two adjacent elements and swapping them according to our desired order. How Bubble Sort works? Consider the below example where we try to sort… Read More »Bubble Sort Algorithm