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Algorithms, Data Structures, Competitive Coding, and problems from LeetCode with complete Solution Approach, Pseudocode, and Explanation.

Check if two strings are Anagram

Anagram in Strings

Given, two strings and we need to check if those strings form an anagram. If you are wondering what’s an Anagram? When the characters of one word are obtained from rearranging the letters/characters of another word, they are called anagrams. Example Note: Important!, Anagrams can be a single word or… Read More »Anagram in Strings

Binary Search Algorithm C++

Binary Search Algorithm

The Binary Search Algorithm, a simple and faster search. But on one condition, we need a sorted array or sort the given array before we perform a binary search. Why Binary Search? We can use linear search for smaller numbers but, when having hundreds, and thousands, to compare, it would… Read More »Binary Search Algorithm