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Developer Changelog 2021

#4: Developer Changelog 2021

It’s been a while since my last post, a lot has happened and I can’t wait to share all the new things I have been learning and working on for the past few months.
POV: I’m about to graduate & a developer who’s just getting started.

Clean Code makes everything better

As a beginner, I never knew the importance of writing clean code and why it would matter so much, as longs as my code compiled successfully. Now, I got to know that every project is a result of pure teamwork and collaboration. Others must be able to read and understand our code with as much little effort as possible. It’s a lot easier and does feel better to be able to write clean code, we just need to see things with a whole new perspective and some empathy would make a lot of sense on how a person reading our code for the first time be able to process, maintain, and build upon it.

My first freelance project

I knew nothing about freelancing but when I got my first gig, I found some amazing things. First, of all, it feels amazing to know that your skill can fetch you real money, even if you’re not a pro, you can get a gig real quick. You can work on projects you like and whenever you like. It is a great way to learn, showcase, and put our skills and time management to the test as you are your own boss. Conclusion? If you are wondering whether to freelance, just go for it and there are good chances it might go very well.

clean and quality code

CSS is very important

I’ve noticed that one thing that makes our projects stand out is the way it’s presented and for the web, it’s CSS [Cascading Style Sheets]. The web enables us to bring our code closest to the end-user. This is why frontend makes up most of the user experience. CSS is more than colors and spacing, it’s all about presentation.

  • better CSS = happy user
  • good CSS = improved accessibilty

Communication and Developers

Communication is underrated,
Communication as a skill is underrated.

We can become good developers or be great at anything we want if we can communicate our thoughts and ideas into actions and people, we ultimately fail to present and share our thoughts and creativity to the world.

Almost a year away from all social media

This wasn’t purely intentional but, this was an end result of a series of decisions when I started thinking about what I would really do with my time. Maybe I’ll write a separate post on this but, my key takeaway from this habit would be time, now I’m able to manage my time better than before.

social media

State of Matrixread 2021++

I guess I should finally stop my obsession with the frontend and optimization of Matrixread and focus on writing, the rate of development of the site is defeating its purpose. So, why and what is matrixread to me? TLDR; it’s kind of my personal blog that I primarily made to share what I learn. Writing on what I learn every day helps me think, reflect and summarize.

Best regards,
Abhiram Reddy.