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2020 Best of Web

Best of Web – 2020

Web is the synonym of magic!🧙‍♂️. In this post I’ll share some awesome resources I found, you can bookmark this page for later.


  • Build Web Apps using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Built-in user accounts
  • Zero-management database
  • End-to-end encryption

Sounds awesome right? Everything lives in the browser, no server and fully secure as nobody can access our backend. I still haven’t but would love to work on a project using userbase.



  • Chris Coyier is the CSS Guru
  • This site, has been my inspiration
  • learnt many CSS tricks and a lot about WordPress

OMG!!! all the work, the website, Chris wrote [4666+] articles, pure knowledge. I can’t express how much I learned from this site alone. I never knew CSS has so much power, it’s magic and I also learned to unleash the real power of WordPress. There are a lot of best practices that Chris uses and shares in his site, especially on WordPress and JamStack.

Frontend Horse

CSS grid frontend horse
CSS grid frontend horse

CSS Grid Generator

  • layouttit
  • Design the grid and you’ll get the HTML and CSS
  • Ah, creating CSS grids has never become so easy.
CSS grid generator
CSS grid generator

David Walsh Blog

  • Author- David Walsh
  • Inspiring work at Mozilla
  • Many articles on Web, JavaScript and Life

I personally love to read his articles on JavaScript and, his life and work at Mozilla.

WP Beginner Community

  • Created by Syed Balkhi,
  • No code solutions to any WordPress problem
  • As a WP beginner, I got a lot of help from the 60K Facebook Community

Most of them follow a no-code approach or a plugin. The FB Community is very friendly, if you are beginner who got stuck they have a tonne of articles on almost everything.

DIV Table Generator

  • Design a Table and get the HTML
  • Also has options for styling Tables with pre-made templates

I guess we won’t be using tables often but, when we need them this tool helps. The best feature of this is that we can also select some pre-built templates for our tables.

HTML Table Generator
HTML DIV Table Generator

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