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Simple Cookie Consent

Adding a Simple Cookie Consent

When I started developing and blogging on Matrixread, I was exploring to add more features and user-friendly experience. Then I got to know about the Cookie Consent and GDPR Compliance. Initially, I was searching for some plugins for WordPress, and there were a good amount of open-source plugins. But, I felt a plugin was too much for a simple blogging site like mine where I barely use any tracking scripts, actually, I use only Google Analytics.

The 1 KB Cookie Consent

I started Googling stuff like, “Light-weight Cookie Notification”, etc, and then I found this, “I made a 1 KB alternative to Cookie Notice WordPress Plugin” by Gijo Varghese. Works on both Mobile and Desktop.

Simple Cookie Banner
Image from:WP SPEED MATTERS | Simple Cookie Banner

Customizing it

I changed some colors and gave smooth corners, works well on both mobile and desktop, here’s the codepen.

Actual Working Cookie Consent

The above methods are fine, but we are pushing the analytics before the user accepts or knows about it. Hence, it’s just a notification and doesn’t comply with GDPR laws!. Alexandre Demode solved this with some 1 KB Vanilla JavaScript code. It gives a choice to user to accept/reject, Cookies EU banner.


There are many options to become GDPR compliant, we can create and even host our own analytic software. At present, most of the websites and analytics are not GDPR compliant, maybe in a while, we’ll see privacy friendly analytics and websites. Until then it’s our duty to protect our data.