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I had started the #30DaysofCode📚 challenge while I was revising the basic concepts, data structures, and solving easy problems on LeetCode. I documented this so that it helps both me and others to recall what we have learned. How to use this list📑 First, look at the given questions, if… Read More »#30DaysofCode

How to Reverse a Linked List

Reverse a Linked List

Yes, we are doing it today. The all-time famous interview question, Do you know how to reverse a Linked List? Well turns out, it isn’t that difficult and it’s all about logic and pointers, okay let’s get started. Alright, I already wrote a post explaining the basic operations and structure… Read More »Reverse a Linked List

Missing Number in Array LeetCode

Find Missing Number in Array LeetCode

Missing Number LeetCode, from the given array we have to find the missing numbers and we were asked to solve this with O(1) extra space complexity i.e constant space and O(n) runtime complexity. This means that we should not use extra space, it should be constant.