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JavaScript, the backbone of the web and a magical language used to build almost anything from a ToDo app to the SpaceX rocket control panel.

promise in js

Promise in JavaScript

In this post, I’ll thoroughly explain the concept of Promise in JavaScript. We’ll cover the coding part later, but now let’s focus on where, what, and why behind the Promise. Asynchronous programming What does Asynchronous mean? The simple definition of asynchronous means not at the same time, that’s the opposite… Read More »Promise in JavaScript

Optional Chaining

Optional Chaining (?.) – Question mark and Dot in JavaScript

Optional chaining (?.) in JavaScript is part of the ES2020 release. This operator enables us to safely access nested properties by handling null/undefined references. In simple words, the Optional chaining operator when met with a non-existing property instead of throwing a reference error, it returns undefined. Example How it works?… Read More »Optional Chaining (?.) – Question mark and Dot in JavaScript


JSON and JavaScript 101

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is one of the popular formats to store, transfer and structure data and in this post, I’ll explain the standard definition and usage of JSON in JavaScript. JSON is not JavaScript JSON is basically a text-based format to store data, it follows the… Read More »JSON and JavaScript 101