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sass convert and minify.

Convert SASS and Minify CSS

I started using some extra CSS to overwrite the default styles of my WordPress theme, and recently I thought of using SASS to maintain it, though it’s just over a hundred lines as of now. I wanted a simple tool to Convert SASS and Minify CSS. There are few well-known combinations and packages but this is indeed a simple use case and I don’t want to overkill.

npm i sass

Using the command below the SASS package will convert and compress the styles needed. We can also add this to the package.json file, plus this also supports the –watch mode.

sass "input":"output" --no-source-map --style compressed

sass sass/styles.scss:css/styles.min.css --no-source-map --style compressed


Hey, it’s been a while since I posted here, I’m planning to resume writing on this dev blog of mine and I’m excited too as I have been learning lots of new stuff over the past few months.

Until next time, Abhiram👨‍🚀