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#5: I made some Minimal pages

Here are some of the minimal pages I made for the Matrixread Blog. Yes, the pages look straight out of notion as they contain mostly plain text and a few links.

My minimal portfolio

Here’s a short story, my old portfolio the one I made with Hugo was lit but, I’ve lost the original files and am only left with the static ones hosted on GitHub. And there was some outdated content on the page. I was looking for a new SSG (Static Site Generator) but I found this new feature on GitHub that automatically hosts Readme files [This is Awesome]. That’s it, a few lines of markdown and we have a hosted HTML page.

Minimalist Portfolio Page

About Page

This will do. Maintaining the design version history is actually fun.

Minimalist About Page
Minimal About Page

Minimal Contact Page

This is my favorite, most websites throw a form… I mean that’s good but since Matrixread is mostly of static content for speed, this is it. I ain’t much but it works.

Minimalist Contact us
Minimal Contact us

The 404 Page

The actual idea was to make an interactive 404 page but ended up making a boring one. Except for the colors, I’m happy. I guess a meme will make this complete.

Minimal 404 Page


  • Fastest page load time
  • Easy to add, edit and maintain
  • All pages shown can be created in under a minute


  • Nobody’s gonna believe you’re a Frontend Developer

Next Steps

  • Make a new portfolio site
  • Add a cat gif to the 404 page