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3 years of Blogging

3 years of Blogging, what Next?

I’ve been blogging consistently for a while now, and from the beginning I’ve followed different routines, methods and objectives. I’m writing this post to reflect on the highs and lows along and what next.

What and Where did I write till now?

I’ve written on many platforms and websites/forums before this site, i.e. matrixread became my place on the internet. I’ve always been a fan of computers and the internet, the idea to start a blog began with the thought of sharing my experiments with the people of the internet.

Tech Know Space – 2018

This is a free WordPress blog I started to share news and thoughts on Technology, mobiles and PC. Some of my friends joined me, and we wrote for fun. With no future plans, the blog died in 2019. At one point, when the site was hitting hundreds of international views, we thought of donating the ad revenue to help poor farmers, unfortunately that never happened.

Key Takeaway

  • Posts: 31, Views: 3000+
  • WordPress helps you start a free blog
  • Double the fun with friends and people of same interest
  • Writing about what you like is awesome,
  • but planning a sustainable blog is the key

Medium – 2019

During my second year of college, I’ve attended/conducted many workshops, events and used Medium to share some of them. I briefly wrote about how the event went and what I’ve learned there. However, the rate of events exceeded, and I haven’t written any posts later. Although few, some of my posts got featured on other publications, and I’ve made a lot of connections. I’ve read so many articles on Medium, but published only a few. Nowadays with communities like Hashnode and I usually republish stuff on Medium.

Key Takeaway

  • Posts: 8*, Views: 5000+
  • Medium is a good place to start writing
  • Great community at Medium
  • Sharing what you learn feels good
  • We want to write more, but first make time and start writing

Open Genus Internship – 2019

It was an internship program, and I’ve written posts on problems solving, algorithms etc. Simple topics and beginner-friendly, but the best part was I got a mentor who reviewed my posts and provided some feedback before the post was finally published. I’ve learned a lot about technical writing and how to present our thoughts and ideas in simple words.

Key Takeaway

  • Posts: 10, Views: NA (unknown)
  • Having a mentor helps you write better
  • Writing more makes you want to learn more

Matrixread – 2020

I started this blog in June 2020 to share what I learn and document my journey as a junior software developer. I was just getting started with JavaScript and web development, and I thought it’ll be great to start a blog as I’m beginning my career.

What about Matrixread?

Unlike my previous blogs here, I own the platform and content completely. I have the freedom of presenting this site to the visitor in any way I can. Made with WordPress and all my CSS knowledge to style and design it. I’ve also performed a lot of tweaks and optimization for best performance. I don’t plan of monetizing the blog with ads and stuff unless the hosting bill skyrockets.

Key Takeaway

  • Posts: 84, Views: 25000+
  • Quality increases as you write more
  • Open to feedback can aid improvement
  • Writing on what you learn makes you learn more
  • Writing consistently helps you keep track of progress

How I wrote consistently?

Consistency is not a state, it’s more of a habit. I wanted to start and improve my writing and I felt doing this consistently would help, indeed it did. In the beginning I wrote a few articles per month, then I’ve followed some methods like #30daysofcode and later 5 posts per month strategy on particular dates.

From now on

Consistency is good, but coupling it with perfectionism hurts the process. I want to blog, but not entirely just for the sake of it. I want to learn and gain more knowledge in the process of doing it. Henceforth, I’ve decided to write only 4 posts a month on any particular topic, domain, technology, problem solved.

Let’s see how this strategy goes, FYI links to all my sites/blogs can be found in this repository. Until next time, Cheers.